Video Conferencing an Ideal Technology for Research and Developments

Video conferencing is an ideal technology for R&Ds, where in collaboration and communication plays a significant role. In this field innovation is possible when scientists give their talents and experience to explore the creative and vital processes or products. In this field technology has been upgraded very often, video conference delivers a great communication platform that engages professors, scientists and R&D’s for collecting information.

The following are the various factors wherein online conferencing is a mandatory asset for R&D’s:

Co-ordination with contractors and vendors:

In order to make sure that the production is running as per the schedules, the researchers need to visit the factories, but they do not have enough time to do so. Through video conferencing, the researcher can easily communicate with the contractors and vendors, to supervise whether the process is running smoothly or not.

Virtual knowledge sharing campaigns:

Through various interactive features of video conferencing solution such as video streaming and recording, it is simpler for the researcher or scientists to organize and attend live distance learning sessions at their convenience.

Global collaborations:

This technology is allowing the researchers to erase off the geographical barriers to expanding the innovation over global boundaries. The H.323 module enables the users to connect over any connection type (software or hardware video conferencing solution).

Manage supply chain and logistics remotely:

Video Collaboration technology makes easier the supply chain and logistics surveillance, where the officials can make international calls with a nominal VoIP charge. The SIP feature integrated with EPBAX of the organization will let the conference participants to connect to any phone around the world, by being within the conference.

Better Decision Making capabilities:

Making a decision fast and effectively is a crucial aspect in the every research to rectify the problems and carry out the process preciously. web conferencing enables lesser distractions and allows structured meetings to make the decision making process faster and effective.

More efficient monitoring:

Online video conference additionally helps this communication process of better checking with the stages with the analysis. Like this, the number of choices usually is better that you’ll get to your own goal better in addition to by the due date since you can check your own advancement quicker as a result of conferencing with your workforce throughout real-time as an alternative to expecting people next private experience.