The Best E-Reader: 9 Key Differences

The best e-reader is one that has been designed and developed based on user expectations. Such expectations have been obtained from user experiences with earlier models. Ever since their launch a decade ago, the best e-readers have established their popularity due to their focus on customer needs. Such popularity appears not be a one-off achievement as the best e-readers have been able to hold their positions year after year.

To be well informed as to what the best e-reader has to offer, the following would be of value:

  1. A good balance between the lit screen and eye strain. In fact, the screen has been noted to be outstanding. It has better lighting with a high level of clarity and contrast of the text. To be sure, the higher priced models may offer additional features but they would not be within the means of a majority of people.
  2. Crisp and bold laser quality text that allows you to read for longer periods. Soft lit screen which makes reading easy on the eye and is more comfortable for reading during the night. A screen that cuts down glare and makes it possible even for reading in the sunlight.
  3. The best e-reader is one that you can use almost anywhere, even in the sunlight. The exception is perhaps underwater. If you need to do so for whatever reasons, look for models that are waterproof.
  4. Adjustable brightness that you can set according to your level of comfort and surroundings.
  5. Longer lasting batteries that remove the hassle of frequent charging. The battery of the best e-reader lasts for weeks instead of just hours depending on reading time, use of WIFI and brightness of screen used. All this on a single charge and a fast charging time.
  6. As many as 7 different font stylings that are exclusively crafted to make them well suited for digital screens. Font sizes are customized for greater readability and you can zoom on the screen to adjust the font sizes.
  7. A new dictionary with a feature that enables you to build a list of words that you have come across. You can then review the list to improve your reading and expand your vocabulary.
  8. Availability of a wide range of books including best sellers and those available only in digital form. A faster microprocessor makes loading books and page turning faster.
  9. The best e-reader is small, thin and highly portable with a capacity for thousands of book. You can highlight relevant sections of those that you read in addition to taking notes on the screen.

If you are of the view that all the above and more comes at a high cost, you will be surprised to note that the best e-reader is highly affordable.

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