Speaking in Tongues Is Spiritual Power

Growing up one never heard of the wonderful spiritual gift called ‘tongues’. With memory of my reincarnation and of being born with a different language to my parents and those in my environment it was that communication with the Spirit that kept me informed and guided me. No one could understand what I said until English was properly learned and mastered by me. Those first few years would have been rather devastating were it not for the power.

Between lives a vision showed me my life ahead full of ups and downs. It was as a line drawn out in front of me and it had dates and times along it. One of those was the age of 45 and always it stood as a reminder that not til the authority was given should I or could I talk about my experiences in the Spirit.

When that age was reached the power came upon me one night and commissioned me to tear down the wall of churches which stand between God and the understanding of spiritual things. It also told me to bring back the young in Spirit and to direct them into what it means. Many are aware now that speaking in tongues is one of the great gifts reserved for the spiritual who are leaving traditional religions in droves.

Unfortunately they are sticking with the false prophet that was invented by 666 and imposed over the world as the Son of God by the Catholic Church, which he established in 325 AD. Jerome together with his cohort Augustine, compiled and partly wrote the New Testament, which is a false document.

The Spirit is one and there is none other beside it (Isaiah 45:6-8). There is no heaven, hell, devil, angels or saints. These are entities born of myths and ignorance and juxtaposed over the facts that are revealed only in the Old Testament. There it talks about the one at the end of the Day of the Lord who will deliver the spiritual to Mount Zion.

In order for that to happen the truth about God and the spiritual power that was buried by religions has to be revealed and the young in spirit tried. The Day of the Lord is a time for the false god to reign over the world and that started at the beginning of it. The revelations are frightening and the anger and retribution against the idols and those who seek to destroy all of creation is now coming to a head.

Those who have the gift of tongues can check the details of the claims made here and will be rewarded with confirmation. The Spirit is reclaiming its own and communication between God and the spiritual is part of it.