Online Backup – The Future of Data Storage

Online backup has become a lot more popular over the last few years. The need to backup your data becomes more well known with each passing year and online backup services now make data storage easier than ever. But is online data storage really the future? Here is a quick look at some of the reasons that people currently are not backing up their data and why online storage overcomes many of these barriers If online data storage proves to overcome the traditional barriers of backing up your computer or network, then online backup could be the future of data storage.

What Barriers Exist to Backing Up Data?

There are a variety of barriers that currently prevent the average person from backing up their computer. The biggest barrier is that people just don’t want to take the time to actually back everything up. If they are using a separate hard drive, then they need to connect everything and sit back and wait until the backup is complete. While this isn’t inherently a difficult task for some people, it is a time consuming burden that many people don’t feel as being necessary.

Another common barrier that some people face is that they simply are not technically savvy enough to get everything set up correctly, some may not even know where to start. The more difficult something is, the less likely the average person will do it and backing up data is no different.

The final barrier is that most of the traditional methods of backing up data are not real time. While they may provide a stop-gap solution, they cannot replace documents or data that was recently saved to the computer. Most people will only back up their computer, at most, once every few weeks. That means that if their computer crashes right before their scheduled backup, they will still lose their last two weeks of work.

Can Online Backup Services Overcome These Barriers?

Now that we know why people tend to not backup their data, it is time to determine whether or not online backup services can overcome these barriers. The first barrier is time and convenience Many online backup services overcome this barrier by utilizing software that is constantly backing up data as it changes. It does this as a background software, which means that you don’t have to do anything once it is setup. This easily overcomes the convenience barrier.

The next barrier is the level of difficulty that, whether real or perceived, prevents people from backing up their data. The new wave of online data backup services eliminates the perception that backing up data is difficult. Not only do their website outline the entire process, but once the software has been installed, there is little that needs to be done from the user-side of things.

The final barrier is timeliness of data backup. Many online backup services use software that is constantly backing up documents and data that have changed. That means that if your computer crashes, you can fully restore everything that has been lost because the last backup was done the last time that you altered a piece of data.

It seems likeĀ online backup is the future of data storage. It appears to overcome all of the traditional barriers that are preventing people from currently backing up their data. Plus, because it is even easier to use than traditional methods,