Goldman Sachs cutting hundreds of jobs, the impact of

1. Goldman Sachs plans to cut several hundred jobs

Goldman Sachs is slated to eliminate several hundred jobs this month in response to lower than expected deal volume.

CNBC reports:

The bank is reinstating a tradition of annual employee culls, which have historically targeted between 1% and 5% of lower performers, in positions across the firm, according to a person

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3 tips for personalizing your comms to meet employees where

With all the changes to workplace situations stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s important that managers are equipped with the mindfulness and soft skills required to stay in touch with their employees. While apps like Zoom and Slack allow you to now virtually congregate with your teams and move business forward even when you aren’t physically together, behind each computer

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Why being a better listener makes you a strategic

When it comes to effective communication, one of the most important things you can do is listen. Listening becomes doubly crucial when communicating with employees as it not only allows you to gain a deeper understanding of your workforce’s point of view, but it helps you better understand their needs and current situation so you can develop an effective solution

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How to engage employees as influencers on your social

While social media practitioners increasingly encompass a wide range of disciplines and titles — from community managers to paid social experts, analytics leads and more — your organization’s focus will depend on the needs of your audiences.

As strategic communications skills also become increasingly crucial to successful social media strategies, your employees should be one of those audiences on your

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Nomadic Broadband Unit can supply off-grid communications to

REPUBLIC, Washington – For crews fighting wildfires in remote areas like Ferry County, real -time communication to and from the front line is vital. A new invention developed by Washington State University Extension in Ferry County can connect emergency responders to high-speed internet in off-grid areas and during power outages.

The Nomadic Broadband Unit uses a satellite to connect to

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