Windows 7 – Lock It Down for Kiosks

The Perfect Kiosk Platform

Windows 7 is a great operating system environment to run kiosk or single-purpose applications such as POS or multimedia systems. Its ability to host just about any program from a variety of development environments makes it an ideal platform. Adobe Flash, Silverlight, Java, Microsoft.Net, and HTML are just a few of the development languages available to … Read the rest

What Is Samsung QLED Ambient Mode

As the half way point of 2018 is almost upon us, all the major manufacturers of home entertainment equipment have long since launched their key lines of hardware and all the features that come with them. In the months since CES 2018, retailers and customers alike have had a chance to really get to know what features Samsung, Sony and … Read the rest

Best Practices For Designing Mobile Applications

Mobile application interfaces offer unique challenges when designing for the user experience. Limited screen size, navigation restrictions and broad audience experience levels pose hurdles that, if not carefully considered, can derail even the most valuable applications. With developers and carriers racing to offer customers the ability to do just about everything on their mobile phones, observing some basic usability guidelines … Read the rest

CeBIT Australia 2018: Widening The Scopes of Businesses in the IT Sector

CeBIT Australia is the biggest and long-running technology exhibition of Asia-Pacific region that redefines, shapes and drives the businesses in the information and technology landscape. It welcomes 300+ technology leaders from across the world. Not only that, it carries a grand conference program for the successive days featuring over 50 experts or visionaries from different fields. With confidence and immersive … Read the rest

Grocery App Development: Features You Should Not Forget

It’s no surprise that mobile apps have taken a significant place in people’s lives and influencing their day-to-day activities. Grocery shopping is one of them. Forget groceries! There is truly nothing that apps do not help in. From shopping to entertainment, booking of on-demand services to paying bills, travel planning to event management, apps help in all.

With more people … Read the rest